Tips on improving RV gas mileage

RV is your ideal home when you are cruising around country. High-powered vehicles like RV consume a lot of gas, thus, making long distance trips highly expensive. Most motorized homes average 7-10 miles per gallon and RV owners are forced to find different ways to save money on fuel.

Here are some RV gas mileage saving tips that can increase its performance and save money while you enjoy comfortable long journeys-

The faster you go and the longer you retain your speed, the more gas you burn. Quick acceleration uses more gas than necessary. Go slow and save money on fuel economy.

Idling the engine wastes fuel so shut off your RV if you are not driving.

A poorly tuned engine can burn more gas. Make sure to keep your RV service according to schedule before you hit the road. The less mechanically sound the RV is, the more fuel it needs.

Always keep your RV clean. Take your RV for frequent oil changes to ensure that it functions efficiently.

You have to use the right kind of mobile oil for a vehicle of such power. Using a higher octane fuel is not recommended, since it will result in low fuel economy. Just stick to what your RV needs.

Over-drive decreases the engine speed and save more fuel while cruise control keeps the RV at a steady rate. Using them will save you more fuel because it keeps the RV at a constant speed. This is very effective when traveling on a highway at about 60 miles per hour.

Check your tire pressure and adjust it according to the recommended level of your RV. This will improve your fuel economy by 3 percent and prevent premature tire wear as well.

Follow the recommended weight of the RV when traveling. Extra weight on the RV will put load on engine and increase its gas usage.

Keep your RV tuned up and in running condition. See to it that the wires, plugs, and shocks are working properly.

Use a synthetic oil for your RV to increase fuel mileage. Using the recommended grade of oil will not only increase your RV fuel mileage, but will also save money.

If you are not using your dash air conditioner, turn it off. It will help improve gas mileage and lessen the stress on your engine.

Lastly, turn on your RV GPS Units when traveling to avoid getting lost especially if you are not familiar with the place that you are going to. If you don’t have a mount, reading this article will help.

These are just a simple tips that can save you a big sum of money and keep you driving safe as well.

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