The Shop Fox W1668 Review

I decided to buy a drill press for my home workshop because I found that I needed its assistance to drill through both metal and wood. I started my research by going online and checking for some of the best drill press reviews. They say the opinion of other buyers has to matter a great deal when it comes to purchasing a new appliance or power tool, which is why this is exactly what I did.

Soon enough, I came to the conclusion that there were many models that were worthy of my attention. However, the one that stood out all throughout my buying journey was the Shop Fox W1668 considered one of the best drill presses. For one, this isn’t just a drill press; it’s also a sander. Thanks to the powerful ¾ HP motor, I would finally be able to finish all the projects I had in mind, from drilling through the wood that I would need to make a dog house or a treehouse for my daughter, to smoothing edges and rough surfaces. Another thing that attracted me in the Shop Fox W1668 was the fact that it came with adjustable speed, in that I had all the freedom I needed to choose any figure between 250 and 3050 RPM.

Eventually, I decided to order the model from Amazon as both my wife has Amazon Prime and I was able to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the program. The first thing that struck me when I received the drill press was its weight. It’s pretty hefty, at 122.4 pounds. For such a huge weight, I was expecting the packaging to be a bit damaged, but thankfully it arrived safe and sound. I started putting all the parts together and was surprised to see that it only took me around twenty minutes or so to assemble the entire unit. The instructions provided in the package were straightforward, which is why I had no issue with the installation process.

I have to note that this is not a machine destined just for hobbyists. It’s downright impressive and can raise up to par regardless of the task you might need to perform with the Shop Fox W1668. It runs smoothly and accurately, although I’d like to point out that you need a pair of safety glasses or goggles because things are bound to get dusty around the drill press. I was also impressed by how robust the entire system is and by how easy are the controls to utilize. The motor is strong and does wonders in all situations, whether you’re using 250 RPM or 3050 RPM.

All in all, this product is an excellent machine that’s worth checking out if what you’re looking for is a reliable drill press that allows you to perform multiple adjustments so that you eventually get a great-looking finished product. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a list of greases or oils that had been approved by the manufacturer, which is why I had to spend some minutes on the phone with customer support.

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