Humminbird makes the best fish finders


I decided to write a post about the reasons I went for a Humminbird fish finder instead of choosing one manufactured by Garmin or Lowrance. I know many fishermen are great fans of these two last brands, but I haven’t had a favorable experience with each one of them. I tried utilizing the fish finder belonging to my friend, which was a Garmin chart plotter, but I found it very hard to locate the fish based on the info displayed by the device. Maybe I thought that the interface was just a bit too complicated for my capabilities, but the fact of the matter is that I would have needed to spend a lot of time learning the device. In short, I was looking for a simple model that did the trick when I didn’t seem to catch my targets without the use of a fish finder.

Based on the info that I gathered, Humminbird is considered one of the most cutting-edge brands out there, given that it invests a lot of time and effort in innovation. Maybe I like my history a bit too much, but I found out that Humminbird was the first company ever to have invented side imaging and SONAR. This detail means a lot to me, as I knew that I was about to spend my money on a product worth every penny. It’s true that my budget had to start higher if I wanted to get a Humminbird fish finder, considering that these models aren’t precisely cheap. If, for example, you want to get a PiranhaMax unit, you’ll probably spend more than two hundred dollars. This is the only drawback that I discovered. Luckily, I had been raising some money for this adventure, which is why I decided to select the Helix-5 SI. At the time I bought it, its price point was about five hundred dollars.

Why do I believe that Humminbird makes the best fish finders in the world? In short, most of the models designed by this company have cutting-edge features that you won’t find in any cheaper counterparts. Besides, the brand offers tremendous customer service, considering that I was a first-time user and I was able to get on the phone and talk to an employee so that I was eventually capable of setting up the device by myself. It’s true that it took close to two hours for me to learn the works of the Helix-5 SI, but I’m more than satisfied with what I got for the money, since it has a large enough screen, features both side and down imaging and a dual beam plus sonar. Besides, it comes with built-in cartography that I can add to thanks to the micro SD card slot that the unit comes equipped with.

If you go through the ratings and reviews gathered by most Humminbird fish finders, you’ll notice that they’re among the most critically acclaimed ones ever to have been sold. I believe this counts for something since fishermen tend to express their opinions rather harshly if they can’t use a unit properly.



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