A Great B-day Present


My new emergency weather radio is the best present I have received for my birthday


I never thought of buying a weather radio. Though I travel a lot, I never assumed I would ever find myself in an isolated place with no communication lines. Luckily, friends have thought about that and they have decided to buy me one as a birthday present. It wasn’t my favorite, so I just opened it and put it aside in a drawer. It was my friends that reminded me of it one day and, as it was portable, I started taking it with me in many places or use it while I am at home.

The instruction manual helped me through the installation process, but I watched some YouTube video tutorials to master all its functions like a professional. Since I have started carrying with me, it did come in handy a couple of times alerting me about bad weather for destinations I was on my way to. That was possible because the device functions using NOAA alert codes technology. Basically, you have specific county codes that you introduce in the radio’s memory. Based on the codes you introduce, you are able to receive information concerning weather phenomenon in various places.
As I am usually on the road, and I travel to more than one place a week, I just insert the assigned county code and the radio automatically updates its database and alerts me on changes happening in the requested county. It goes the same for the opposite process: you can remove the SAME codes that are no longer of use to you and the radio stops providing alerts related to them. I was even able to help others avoid regions struck by natural hazards by setting multiple SAME codes for different counties.
Though it wasn’t a planned acquisition, I can say that it has been more useful to me than many other things I’ve bought. Its portability is what I am excited about the most. I can take it anywhere with me and due to its internal battery and I can recharge it anytime using the USB port with which the radio is fitted. I read numerous reviews on weather radios which mentioned this as an important feature. Moreover, the battery can be manually recharged, as the radio is equipped with a hand-crank power generator as well. The battery lasts 25 hours, if you use the radio non-stop. The same USB port can be used to recharge other devices. Right next to the USB, you can find the headphone jack, in case you want to keep the weather alerts for yourself.
However, what I also love about it is the powerful flashlight with which you can flash S.O.S messages, if you know the Morse code.
Though it uses the NOAA Weather Band, it can also be switched to other frequencies so that you can continue listening to music and other radio shows. Whenever a big thunderstorm or strong winds make their appearance, the radio switches from its usual radio channel and alerts you, but only if the weather phenomenon is close enough for you to be in some kind of danger, while intelligently skips transmitting civil alerts that are of no interest to you.

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