Excellent quesadilla recipe

If you’ve got leftover corned beef, you can go the traditional way and make a fantastic reuben sandwich out of it. But if you own a top rated quesadilla maker just like what I have, you’d be thinking that a quesadilla is such a more exceptional, mouthwatering prospect. Fortunately, I always keep a spare package of tortillas in my cupboard for just such instances when I need a quick food item to dine on without having to fry, saute or wait for an hour before I get to feed myself. This fantastic quesadilla/ reuben sandwich recipe lets me save that leftover corned beef from becoming part of the garbage and instead, serving as a delicious dinner option for when opening another package of microwaveable dinner is just not palatable enough for me.

Transforming a simple Reuben sandwich recipe to a quesadilla recipe is easy. This even works best with some rye tortillas, but flour tortillas will do just fine. Since I am basically a sandwich-and-quesadilla type of person, I always like having sauerkraut around too, so that isn’t a problem. I wouldn’t want a soggy quesadilla here, so I saute the sauerkraut first before using it in this recipe. I honestly can’t see myself eating something cold, and I really love a nice and thick quesadilla, so I make sure to warm the corned beef up a bit so the center won’t be cold. This recipe always gives me a fantastic quesadilla every time. The tortillas only need to be lightly toasted to ensure they can work just as well as regular bread to hold the amazing flavor combination of a typical Reuben sandwich.

Oh, and I do keep plenty of swiss cheese nearby for sprinkling into every quesadilla, so it can really melt beautifully and come exceptionally gooey, stringy and great! This recipe needs some corned beef, sauteed sauerkraut, lots and lots of melted swiss cheese plus thousand islands dressing or russian dressing for that extra tangy kick to the quesadilla.

I spray the quesadilla maker with some spray-on butter, but spray-on oil will do just as nicely. I put one tortilla into the cooking surface. Then, on the tortilla, I layer cheese, corned beef, sauteed sauerkraut, thousand islands or russian dressing plus some more cheese. I cover everything with another tortilla, close the lid and cook the quesadilla. Thankfully, my quesadilla maker is always able to produce that golden brown, perfect texture that I love. I cut the cooked quesadilla into equal -sized pieces. How’s that for some fantastic Mexican-American fusion recipe?


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