Escort Passport 8500X50 review

I am no expert in radar detectors or how they function, but, I have to say I am quite pleased with my new acquisition, the Escort Passport. I haven’t decided to buy it until I was fully convinced this is one of the best products I could find available for sale.

There are many features and advantages that this product comes with, but I will explain only the most important of them, those that will help you avoid costly fines. First of all, the Escort Passport is able to detect all frequency bands on which police radars function and it can even intercept laser signals and the new POP mode radar threat. This means you are fully protected when you’re out travelling. In addition, this highly functional radar detector features an AutoLearn function that enables it to recognize and memorize false alarms and stop alerting you when you pass again through the same spot, which is a great function for daily trips such as going and coming back from work. That is possible due to the fact that Escort engineers have endowed the device with sensitive technology patented by Escort that increases its capability to differentiate the false alarms to those coming from real threats, namely police radars. Moreover, this device will capture signals coming from all sides, so, no matter where the police radar is located, you will be 100% protected against them.

Initially, I believed it would take me a while to get used to the operation mode of this product, but I was proven wrong, because the item is pre-programmed and all you need to do is place it in your car, turn it on and the device is ready for work. In time, you learn to handle its features and controls and apply the settings that are more fitted for your own driving routine, but, until you do that by yourself, you are fully protected from any threats.

One feature that makes this product so convenient to use is the AutoMute function that will lower the audio level of the alarm after a few seconds, when you are in the proximity of a speed trap. I believe this is a function that really makes this product a convenient to use one, because alerts can get quite loud and, thus, disturbing, especially when you are in a moment when you need to pay good attention to the traffic.

You’ll notice when you receive it that the package includes a travel case so that you can transport your Escort Passport safely even when travelling abroad and in need of a good radar detector that you can mount in your rental car. Another feature that facilitates moving this device from one car to another is the quick-release windshield mount that allows you to instantly attach and detach the device to your windshield.

I am extremely satisfied with what I’ve bought and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a new radar detector ( You can find more models here- Top radar detector in 2017) Even if the investment will seem costly in the beginning, you will see that it pays off in time. Just think of all the speed traps that you encounter every day and how it would be like if you were stopped by just half of them.

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