Why I decided to go for a pedestal sump pump

Buying a sump pump was certainly a matter to consider for my family as we live in an area that is prone to hazards and disasters occurring because of excess water. Recently, my neighbor’s basement got flooded so I started prospecting the market for a new sump pump that raises up to par and allows us to sleep well at night, without worrying about our cellar suffering from any moisture whatsoever.

Soon enough, I realized that there were two kinds of pumps I had to choose from, consisting of the pedestal sump pump and the submersible type. From what I gathered, the submersible version is somewhat more efficient when compared to its pedestal counterpart, but repairs and other maintenance work would be tricky as the professional might not reach the parts that would need his assistance.

Furthermore, pedestal pumps are rather affordable and don’t advance too many technical issues to the person performing the installation, as everything is within reach and handy. As such, I decided to go for a pedestal sump pump mostly because it is convenient and I’d be able to set it up in my basement with just the help of my uncle, who’s tech-savvy and knows a bit of this and that with regard to engineering and tech.

This is just my personal opinion about the product that I chose following the weeks I spent trying to shed some light on the specifications of the various pumps I kept coming across. In the end, I decided to go for the Superior Pump 92301 mostly because it’s among the top rated units out there. Most of the buyers talked about the ease of installation and the overall performance of the model, thus making me believe that it was worth the money I was supposed to pay for it.

The Superior Pump 92301 has a vertical switch that makes it possible for the unit to act by itself when the water level increases. Therefore, the pump is automatic and does its job without requiring the assistance of a person. I’d like to note that there are also many manual models to choose from, but since they’d probably need me to sit in the basement for hours on end in order to operate them, I decided to avoid this type.

One of the advantages of installing this product in your basement is that it is located on the floor, which practically means that all of its parts are in reach. This model comes with a ⅓-HP motor that’s significantly powerful and can make the difference if you’re not keen on paying a lot of money on repairing your cellar. Besides, the motor comes with an automatic thermal overload protection that makes it possible for the engine to avoid becoming overheated. Based on the information I got from reading the reviews, this particular detail makes the pump considerably more durable when compared to other models that don’t feature the same capability.

Another factor that was crucial in my decision-making process was the fact that this pump doesn’t consume all that much electricity. All you need to do is to plug the unit into a GFCI-protected 120-volt outlet. Also, I should emphasize that I had to avoid using any extension cords and thankfully, the power cord that came with the unit was long enough for me to do just that.

In conclusion, I’m more than happy with the way the Superior Pump 92301 protects my family and I. We’ve had a lot of rain during the spring and it would have been impossible to avoid keeping the cellar in top shape had it not been for this pump. In a nutshell, it’s the best money I ever spent.

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