How do you deal with pet hair?


Pets are wonderful to keep around the house, and, though I love my two best friends: my cat and my dog, I can’t say that having them doesn’t give me a headache many times. Even so, I wouldn’t give them up for the world.

Sometimes, having a pet is like having a baby that never grows. Kids will learn what they are allowed and what they are prohibited to do in time, but animals will invent more and more creative ways of destroying your furniture and turn your house into a garbage bin, no matter how well you educate them.

Because of my pets, I used to work double hours to make my house look like a human being lives there too, besides them. In the beginning, I found it really hard to keep my house afloat, it seemed like I was working in vain, since, an hour or two after vacuuming, my place was a mess again.

I started applying various solutions to clean the hair: dampened gloves and soft brushes for upholsteries, spray cleaners and vacuuming all over the house multiple times a week. Then I’ve learnt to cover my couch and armchairs with blankets that were more easily washed (though sometimes I could even find hair on them after washing) to protect them. I could see an improvement, but it also seemed like I had to work even more and I was continuously under stress.

Protecting your furniture from dog hair is not that difficult, but, when it comes to your cat, things are a whole lot different. Cats can sit on literally anything and so can their hair. If I’ve managed to protect my furniture by covering it with easy-to-wash blankets, I couldn’t just cover my entire furniture with sheets. I knew I had to find a solution that will help me get rid of pet hair as fast as possible and without making this activity the most important daily event.

It took me a while to discover electric brooms, but, when I did find them, they solved most of my problems. Electric brooms are a great addition to your cleaning equipment, particularly if you have a pet hair situation that is getting out of control.

Firstly, you can find models that are designed to remove pet hair as quickly and as efficiently as possible. These products are equipped with powerful motors, capable brushes and materials that attract pet hair. Moreover, because pet hair is quite capable of sticking itself to any surface and protrude in any space, they include attachments and accessories to increase their ability to remove hair.

Secondly, the best electric brooms are easily maneuvered and allow you to finish your job in a reasonable amount of time, compared to other less efficient appliances and cleaning products. In addition, many of them include adjustable features, such as swivel heads and mobile handles that will make cleaning pet hair piece of cake and will take loads of stress off your mind.


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