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My first camping trip


Like many people I had no idea what to expect on my first camping trip. I couldn’t decide if I was excited to go and sleep out under the stars or if I was terrified that a snake, spider or other creepy crawly thing would sneak into my sleeping bag in the middle of the night. Unfortunately this also made me start worrying about the various wildlife that I would be sharing my campsite with, and thankfully bears were not native to the area I was going to.

Needless to say I survived my first camping trip with my sanity basically intake, and I credit much of this to my fellow camper’s brilliant idea of bringing a truck tent along. Since this was also his first time camping the truck tent really did turn out to be a lifesaver. I bought it after reading a lot of reviews on tents for trucks.

We chose to spend our two days camping in a remote location that gave us a beautiful view of the distant mountains, and most importantly the sky. The wide open field was away from the bright city lights and since the sky was clear we were hopeful that we would even see a shooting star later that night. While we weren’t that lucky, we were able to make out many of the constellations that you simply can’t see when you are in the city.

Since we were pretty far out we had to rely on our limited camping expertise. This includes tips we found on websites, along with the instructions that came with the truck tent. We really were surprised at how easy the tent was to set up, and who would have ever thought sleeping in the back of a SUV would actually be private and comfortable. The mesh windows let plenty of air to flow through, and this turned out to be a big advantage since the closest shower wasn’t anywhere near our campsite. The windows also allowed us to watch the sky as we fell asleep. That experience alone made going without a proper shower for a day or so well worth it. We actually had enough confidence in our abilities to set the tent back up that we decided to move our campsite for the second night.

We enjoyed our experience with the truck tent so much that we have already made plans to go camping again. With a little more practice we might even be ready to upgrade to one that comes with a small vestibule or covered awning. If you have been putting off camping like I did simply because you aren’t confident in your camping abilities, then a truck tent is differently something that you will want to consider.