The Better Health Company Perfect Detox foot spa was a disappointment

I think foot spas are a great relaxation method. Not only that, but they’ve been very helpful to my cracked feet since I’ve started using them. I love taking foot baths in the intimacy of my house, and I make sure I stock my spa ingredients periodically, to enjoy the best results and try new spa combinations.

At times, I even add to my spa collection a new foot spa machine, just to test other massage types or different spa techniques. This time it was the Better Health Company Perfect Detox, that functioned on ionic technology, promised a wide range of benefits and came equipped with several items, including a sea salt bag. In detail, when I got the package I received an acrylic basin, one instruction manual and brochures, the sea salt, tub liners and the arrays that you put in water (it includes a spare one).


It seemed like I got lucky this time. I was pleasantly surprised by the package, and quite excited to try it for the first time. You will see, when you receive it that the basin itself is quite large, which means it can be used by any person, no matter how big their feet.

I have read the instruction manual, it seemed quite simple to use. To enjoy the ionic detoxification you just need to plug it in, fill the basin with warm water, add sea salt, and insert the array that generates the positive and negative ions in your bath. The product didn’t require any type of settings added, as it came pre-programmed to provide a half an hour ionic detox session, which is the standard duration for this type of treatment.

Anyway, the product functioned as expected, I could see the water changing color during the bath, but I couldn’t really feel the same effects as with other foot bath machines that I have used in the past, although it wasn’t the first ionic foot bath I was using. I didn’t panic, just waited for the session to be over. In the end, I could indeed feel the effects of the sea salt on my feet, but not much else from the foot spa. I can say it wasn’t the most amazing experience that I’ve had while using a foot bath. I’ve used it for several more times, but without feeling any relieving effects or an improvement in its performance.

I was positively disappointed, especially since I’ve paid a considerable sum of money to purchase it. The greatest of my disappointments came when, after a few months of rare use, the machine broke down. It simply stopped functioning and, even though I asked the company for a refund or for another product instead (for which I would have covered the price difference if that was the case), I was told that the best they can do is fix my old product and send it back to me. Maybe I would have said yes to that offer, but I was also informed it would take a while until the product returned to me. In the end, I gave up all my claims and just tossed the spa at the garbage bin.

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