Humminbird makes the best fish finders


I decided to write a post about the reasons I went for a Humminbird fish finder instead of choosing one manufactured by Garmin or Lowrance. I know many fishermen are great fans of these two last brands, but I haven’t had a favorable experience with each one of them. I tried utilizing the fish finder belonging to my friend, which was a Garmin chart plotter, but I found it very hard to locate the fish based on the info displayed by the device. Maybe I thought that the interface was just a bit too complicated for my capabilities, but the fact of the matter is that I would have needed to spend a lot of time learning the device. In short, I was looking for a simple model that did the trick when I didn’t seem to catch my targets without the use of a fish finder.

Based on the info that I gathered, Humminbird is considered one of the most cutting-edge brands out there, given that it invests a lot of time and effort in innovation. Maybe I like my history a bit too much, but I found out that Humminbird was the first company ever to have invented side imaging and SONAR. This detail means a lot to me, as I knew that I was about to spend my money on a product worth every penny. It’s true that my budget had to start higher if I wanted to get a Humminbird fish finder, considering that these models aren’t precisely cheap. If, for example, you want to get a PiranhaMax unit, you’ll probably spend more than two hundred dollars. This is the only drawback that I discovered. Luckily, I had been raising some money for this adventure, which is why I decided to select the Helix-5 SI. At the time I bought it, its price point was about five hundred dollars.

Why do I believe that Humminbird makes the best fish finders in the world? In short, most of the models designed by this company have cutting-edge features that you won’t find in any cheaper counterparts. Besides, the brand offers tremendous customer service, considering that I was a first-time user and I was able to get on the phone and talk to an employee so that I was eventually capable of setting up the device by myself. It’s true that it took close to two hours for me to learn the works of the Helix-5 SI, but I’m more than satisfied with what I got for the money, since it has a large enough screen, features both side and down imaging and a dual beam plus sonar. Besides, it comes with built-in cartography that I can add to thanks to the micro SD card slot that the unit comes equipped with.

If you go through the ratings and reviews gathered by most Humminbird fish finders, you’ll notice that they’re among the most critically acclaimed ones ever to have been sold. I believe this counts for something since fishermen tend to express their opinions rather harshly if they can’t use a unit properly.



Best baits for bass fishing


If you were to ask an experienced fisherman about the best type of lure for bass fishing, the answer would invariably be that nothing catches bass faster than live bait. Leaving aside the controversy regarding the lack of a sporting attitude when using live bait, the efficiency of this category is questionless. Also, using natural bait comes with a few advantages in what the comfort of the angler is concerned: it exists in nature, so you can find it and catch it without spending money for store profit. You will find a worm pretty much anywhere you start digging. In addition, a live creature already has the odor, shape and color that attract predators, so you won’t be wasting any time preparing the lure.

It is only natural for the live bait to consist of the natural prey of the bass. For both smallmouth and largemouth bass, the favorite live baits are baitfish such as minnows and pretty much any type of shiner, or crustaceans like crayfish. Some anglers prefer salamanders, frogs, leeches and insects, but the first two categories are almost always stealing the limelight as far as bait efficacy. Another high profile live bait is the modest worm. Although any specie works, the commonly used for bass fishing are the nightcrawler and the red worm. The nightcrawler is known for generally helping when fishing for big, strong fish, and it perfectly works for smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Other than the speed with which the attract the fish, these categories may be useful to one angler and hinder the other depending on their maintenance requirements. Baitfish is one of the most difficult to take care of, since it will always need water replacement and a cool and steady temperature, while you will also have to feed them and give them air in order to keep them alive. Besides, as they take up more room than the worms or leeches, you can only accommodate a limited number of fishes in a bucket, and you also have to be careful not to overcrowd it.

On the other hand, worms can be kept in an insulated, cool carrier, being able to survive in a chilly, moist environment without any additional care. Leeches, for example, require little to zero care, and they can survive in a bucket of water for a long time without even being fed.

In conclusion, you have to make your decision based on the amount of money you are willing to spend, the time and means you have at your disposal to take care of the bait and especially, the whereabouts of your fishing trip. There is no point to buy a big bucket of minnows for pond fishing.

Why I decided to go for a pedestal sump pump

Buying a sump pump was certainly a matter to consider for my family as we live in an area that is prone to hazards and disasters occurring because of excess water. Recently, my neighbor’s basement got flooded so I started prospecting the market for a new sump pump that raises up to par and allows us to sleep well at night, without worrying about our cellar suffering from any moisture whatsoever.

Soon enough, I realized that there were two kinds of pumps I had to choose from, consisting of the pedestal sump pump and the submersible type. From what I gathered, the submersible version is somewhat more efficient when compared to its pedestal counterpart, but repairs and other maintenance work would be tricky as the professional might not reach the parts that would need his assistance.

Furthermore, pedestal pumps are rather affordable and don’t advance too many technical issues to the person performing the installation, as everything is within reach and handy. As such, I decided to go for a pedestal sump pump mostly because it is convenient and I’d be able to set it up in my basement with just the help of my uncle, who’s tech-savvy and knows a bit of this and that with regard to engineering and tech.

This is just my personal opinion about the product that I chose following the weeks I spent trying to shed some light on the specifications of the various pumps I kept coming across. In the end, I decided to go for the Superior Pump 92301 mostly because it’s among the top rated units out there. Most of the buyers talked about the ease of installation and the overall performance of the model, thus making me believe that it was worth the money I was supposed to pay for it.

The Superior Pump 92301 has a vertical switch that makes it possible for the unit to act by itself when the water level increases. Therefore, the pump is automatic and does its job without requiring the assistance of a person. I’d like to note that there are also many manual models to choose from, but since they’d probably need me to sit in the basement for hours on end in order to operate them, I decided to avoid this type.

One of the advantages of installing this product in your basement is that it is located on the floor, which practically means that all of its parts are in reach. This model comes with a ⅓-HP motor that’s significantly powerful and can make the difference if you’re not keen on paying a lot of money on repairing your cellar. Besides, the motor comes with an automatic thermal overload protection that makes it possible for the engine to avoid becoming overheated. Based on the information I got from reading the reviews, this particular detail makes the pump considerably more durable when compared to other models that don’t feature the same capability.

Another factor that was crucial in my decision-making process was the fact that this pump doesn’t consume all that much electricity. All you need to do is to plug the unit into a GFCI-protected 120-volt outlet. Also, I should emphasize that I had to avoid using any extension cords and thankfully, the power cord that came with the unit was long enough for me to do just that.

In conclusion, I’m more than happy with the way the Superior Pump 92301 protects my family and I. We’ve had a lot of rain during the spring and it would have been impossible to avoid keeping the cellar in top shape had it not been for this pump. In a nutshell, it’s the best money I ever spent.

How do you deal with pet hair?


Pets are wonderful to keep around the house, and, though I love my two best friends: my cat and my dog, I can’t say that having them doesn’t give me a headache many times. Even so, I wouldn’t give them up for the world.

Sometimes, having a pet is like having a baby that never grows. Kids will learn what they are allowed and what they are prohibited to do in time, but animals will invent more and more creative ways of destroying your furniture and turn your house into a garbage bin, no matter how well you educate them.

Because of my pets, I used to work double hours to make my house look like a human being lives there too, besides them. In the beginning, I found it really hard to keep my house afloat, it seemed like I was working in vain, since, an hour or two after vacuuming, my place was a mess again.

I started applying various solutions to clean the hair: dampened gloves and soft brushes for upholsteries, spray cleaners and vacuuming all over the house multiple times a week. Then I’ve learnt to cover my couch and armchairs with blankets that were more easily washed (though sometimes I could even find hair on them after washing) to protect them. I could see an improvement, but it also seemed like I had to work even more and I was continuously under stress.

Protecting your furniture from dog hair is not that difficult, but, when it comes to your cat, things are a whole lot different. Cats can sit on literally anything and so can their hair. If I’ve managed to protect my furniture by covering it with easy-to-wash blankets, I couldn’t just cover my entire furniture with sheets. I knew I had to find a solution that will help me get rid of pet hair as fast as possible and without making this activity the most important daily event.

It took me a while to discover electric brooms, but, when I did find them, they solved most of my problems. Electric brooms are a great addition to your cleaning equipment, particularly if you have a pet hair situation that is getting out of control.

Firstly, you can find models that are designed to remove pet hair as quickly and as efficiently as possible. These products are equipped with powerful motors, capable brushes and materials that attract pet hair. Moreover, because pet hair is quite capable of sticking itself to any surface and protrude in any space, they include attachments and accessories to increase their ability to remove hair.

Secondly, the best electric brooms are easily maneuvered and allow you to finish your job in a reasonable amount of time, compared to other less efficient appliances and cleaning products. In addition, many of them include adjustable features, such as swivel heads and mobile handles that will make cleaning pet hair piece of cake and will take loads of stress off your mind.


The Better Health Company Perfect Detox foot spa was a disappointment

I think foot spas are a great relaxation method. Not only that, but they’ve been very helpful to my cracked feet since I’ve started using them. I love taking foot baths in the intimacy of my house, and I make sure I stock my spa ingredients periodically, to enjoy the best results and try new spa combinations.

At times, I even add to my spa collection a new foot spa machine, just to test other massage types or different spa techniques. This time it was the Better Health Company Perfect Detox, that functioned on ionic technology, promised a wide range of benefits and came equipped with several items, including a sea salt bag. In detail, when I got the package I received an acrylic basin, one instruction manual and brochures, the sea salt, tub liners and the arrays that you put in water (it includes a spare one).


It seemed like I got lucky this time. I was pleasantly surprised by the package, and quite excited to try it for the first time. You will see, when you receive it that the basin itself is quite large, which means it can be used by any person, no matter how big their feet.

I have read the instruction manual, it seemed quite simple to use. To enjoy the ionic detoxification you just need to plug it in, fill the basin with warm water, add sea salt, and insert the array that generates the positive and negative ions in your bath. The product didn’t require any type of settings added, as it came pre-programmed to provide a half an hour ionic detox session, which is the standard duration for this type of treatment.

Anyway, the product functioned as expected, I could see the water changing color during the bath, but I couldn’t really feel the same effects as with other foot bath machines that I have used in the past, although it wasn’t the first ionic foot bath I was using. I didn’t panic, just waited for the session to be over. In the end, I could indeed feel the effects of the sea salt on my feet, but not much else from the foot spa. I can say it wasn’t the most amazing experience that I’ve had while using a foot bath. I’ve used it for several more times, but without feeling any relieving effects or an improvement in its performance.

I was positively disappointed, especially since I’ve paid a considerable sum of money to purchase it. The greatest of my disappointments came when, after a few months of rare use, the machine broke down. It simply stopped functioning and, even though I asked the company for a refund or for another product instead (for which I would have covered the price difference if that was the case), I was told that the best they can do is fix my old product and send it back to me. Maybe I would have said yes to that offer, but I was also informed it would take a while until the product returned to me. In the end, I gave up all my claims and just tossed the spa at the garbage bin.

My first camping trip


Like many people I had no idea what to expect on my first camping trip. I couldn’t decide if I was excited to go and sleep out under the stars or if I was terrified that a snake, spider or other creepy crawly thing would sneak into my sleeping bag in the middle of the night. Unfortunately this also made me start worrying about the various wildlife that I would be sharing my campsite with, and thankfully bears were not native to the area I was going to.

Needless to say I survived my first camping trip with my sanity basically intake, and I credit much of this to my fellow camper’s brilliant idea of bringing a truck tent along. Since this was also his first time camping the truck tent really did turn out to be a lifesaver. I bought it after reading a lot of reviews on tents for trucks.

We chose to spend our two days camping in a remote location that gave us a beautiful view of the distant mountains, and most importantly the sky. The wide open field was away from the bright city lights and since the sky was clear we were hopeful that we would even see a shooting star later that night. While we weren’t that lucky, we were able to make out many of the constellations that you simply can’t see when you are in the city.

Since we were pretty far out we had to rely on our limited camping expertise. This includes tips we found on websites, along with the instructions that came with the truck tent. We really were surprised at how easy the tent was to set up, and who would have ever thought sleeping in the back of a SUV would actually be private and comfortable. The mesh windows let plenty of air to flow through, and this turned out to be a big advantage since the closest shower wasn’t anywhere near our campsite. The windows also allowed us to watch the sky as we fell asleep. That experience alone made going without a proper shower for a day or so well worth it. We actually had enough confidence in our abilities to set the tent back up that we decided to move our campsite for the second night.

We enjoyed our experience with the truck tent so much that we have already made plans to go camping again. With a little more practice we might even be ready to upgrade to one that comes with a small vestibule or covered awning. If you have been putting off camping like I did simply because you aren’t confident in your camping abilities, then a truck tent is differently something that you will want to consider.

The Shop Fox W1668 Review

I decided to buy a drill press for my home workshop because I found that I needed its assistance to drill through both metal and wood. I started my research by going online and checking for some of the best drill press reviews. They say the opinion of other buyers has to matter a great deal when it comes to purchasing a new appliance or power tool, which is why this is exactly what I did.

Soon enough, I came to the conclusion that there were many models that were worthy of my attention. However, the one that stood out all throughout my buying journey was the Shop Fox W1668 considered one of the best drill presses. For one, this isn’t just a drill press; it’s also a sander. Thanks to the powerful ¾ HP motor, I would finally be able to finish all the projects I had in mind, from drilling through the wood that I would need to make a dog house or a treehouse for my daughter, to smoothing edges and rough surfaces. Another thing that attracted me in the Shop Fox W1668 was the fact that it came with adjustable speed, in that I had all the freedom I needed to choose any figure between 250 and 3050 RPM.

Eventually, I decided to order the model from Amazon as both my wife has Amazon Prime and I was able to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the program. The first thing that struck me when I received the drill press was its weight. It’s pretty hefty, at 122.4 pounds. For such a huge weight, I was expecting the packaging to be a bit damaged, but thankfully it arrived safe and sound. I started putting all the parts together and was surprised to see that it only took me around twenty minutes or so to assemble the entire unit. The instructions provided in the package were straightforward, which is why I had no issue with the installation process.

I have to note that this is not a machine destined just for hobbyists. It’s downright impressive and can raise up to par regardless of the task you might need to perform with the Shop Fox W1668. It runs smoothly and accurately, although I’d like to point out that you need a pair of safety glasses or goggles because things are bound to get dusty around the drill press. I was also impressed by how robust the entire system is and by how easy are the controls to utilize. The motor is strong and does wonders in all situations, whether you’re using 250 RPM or 3050 RPM.

All in all, this product is an excellent machine that’s worth checking out if what you’re looking for is a reliable drill press that allows you to perform multiple adjustments so that you eventually get a great-looking finished product. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a list of greases or oils that had been approved by the manufacturer, which is why I had to spend some minutes on the phone with customer support.

Escort Passport 8500X50 review

I am no expert in radar detectors or how they function, but, I have to say I am quite pleased with my new acquisition, the Escort Passport. I haven’t decided to buy it until I was fully convinced this is one of the best products I could find available for sale.

There are many features and advantages that this product comes with, but I will explain only the most important of them, those that will help you avoid costly fines. First of all, the Escort Passport is able to detect all frequency bands on which police radars function and it can even intercept laser signals and the new POP mode radar threat. This means you are fully protected when you’re out travelling. In addition, this highly functional radar detector features an AutoLearn function that enables it to recognize and memorize false alarms and stop alerting you when you pass again through the same spot, which is a great function for daily trips such as going and coming back from work. That is possible due to the fact that Escort engineers have endowed the device with sensitive technology patented by Escort that increases its capability to differentiate the false alarms to those coming from real threats, namely police radars. Moreover, this device will capture signals coming from all sides, so, no matter where the police radar is located, you will be 100% protected against them.

Initially, I believed it would take me a while to get used to the operation mode of this product, but I was proven wrong, because the item is pre-programmed and all you need to do is place it in your car, turn it on and the device is ready for work. In time, you learn to handle its features and controls and apply the settings that are more fitted for your own driving routine, but, until you do that by yourself, you are fully protected from any threats.

One feature that makes this product so convenient to use is the AutoMute function that will lower the audio level of the alarm after a few seconds, when you are in the proximity of a speed trap. I believe this is a function that really makes this product a convenient to use one, because alerts can get quite loud and, thus, disturbing, especially when you are in a moment when you need to pay good attention to the traffic.

You’ll notice when you receive it that the package includes a travel case so that you can transport your Escort Passport safely even when travelling abroad and in need of a good radar detector that you can mount in your rental car. Another feature that facilitates moving this device from one car to another is the quick-release windshield mount that allows you to instantly attach and detach the device to your windshield.

I am extremely satisfied with what I’ve bought and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a new radar detector ( You can find more models here- Top radar detector in 2017) Even if the investment will seem costly in the beginning, you will see that it pays off in time. Just think of all the speed traps that you encounter every day and how it would be like if you were stopped by just half of them.

A Great B-day Present


My new emergency weather radio is the best present I have received for my birthday


I never thought of buying a weather radio. Though I travel a lot, I never assumed I would ever find myself in an isolated place with no communication lines. Luckily, friends have thought about that and they have decided to buy me one as a birthday present. It wasn’t my favorite, so I just opened it and put it aside in a drawer. It was my friends that reminded me of it one day and, as it was portable, I started taking it with me in many places or use it while I am at home.

The instruction manual helped me through the installation process, but I watched some YouTube video tutorials to master all its functions like a professional. Since I have started carrying with me, it did come in handy a couple of times alerting me about bad weather for destinations I was on my way to. That was possible because the device functions using NOAA alert codes technology. Basically, you have specific county codes that you introduce in the radio’s memory. Based on the codes you introduce, you are able to receive information concerning weather phenomenon in various places.
As I am usually on the road, and I travel to more than one place a week, I just insert the assigned county code and the radio automatically updates its database and alerts me on changes happening in the requested county. It goes the same for the opposite process: you can remove the SAME codes that are no longer of use to you and the radio stops providing alerts related to them. I was even able to help others avoid regions struck by natural hazards by setting multiple SAME codes for different counties.
Though it wasn’t a planned acquisition, I can say that it has been more useful to me than many other things I’ve bought. Its portability is what I am excited about the most. I can take it anywhere with me and due to its internal battery and I can recharge it anytime using the USB port with which the radio is fitted. I read numerous reviews on weather radios which mentioned this as an important feature. Moreover, the battery can be manually recharged, as the radio is equipped with a hand-crank power generator as well. The battery lasts 25 hours, if you use the radio non-stop. The same USB port can be used to recharge other devices. Right next to the USB, you can find the headphone jack, in case you want to keep the weather alerts for yourself.
However, what I also love about it is the powerful flashlight with which you can flash S.O.S messages, if you know the Morse code.
Though it uses the NOAA Weather Band, it can also be switched to other frequencies so that you can continue listening to music and other radio shows. Whenever a big thunderstorm or strong winds make their appearance, the radio switches from its usual radio channel and alerts you, but only if the weather phenomenon is close enough for you to be in some kind of danger, while intelligently skips transmitting civil alerts that are of no interest to you.

Tips on improving RV gas mileage

RV is your ideal home when you are cruising around country. High-powered vehicles like RV consume a lot of gas, thus, making long distance trips highly expensive. Most motorized homes average 7-10 miles per gallon and RV owners are forced to find different ways to save money on fuel.

Here are some RV gas mileage saving tips that can increase its performance and save money while you enjoy comfortable long journeys-

The faster you go and the longer you retain your speed, the more gas you burn. Quick acceleration uses more gas than necessary. Go slow and save money on fuel economy.

Idling the engine wastes fuel so shut off your RV if you are not driving.

A poorly tuned engine can burn more gas. Make sure to keep your RV service according to schedule before you hit the road. The less mechanically sound the RV is, the more fuel it needs.

Always keep your RV clean. Take your RV for frequent oil changes to ensure that it functions efficiently.

You have to use the right kind of mobile oil for a vehicle of such power. Using a higher octane fuel is not recommended, since it will result in low fuel economy. Just stick to what your RV needs.

Over-drive decreases the engine speed and save more fuel while cruise control keeps the RV at a steady rate. Using them will save you more fuel because it keeps the RV at a constant speed. This is very effective when traveling on a highway at about 60 miles per hour.

Check your tire pressure and adjust it according to the recommended level of your RV. This will improve your fuel economy by 3 percent and prevent premature tire wear as well.

Follow the recommended weight of the RV when traveling. Extra weight on the RV will put load on engine and increase its gas usage.

Keep your RV tuned up and in running condition. See to it that the wires, plugs, and shocks are working properly.

Use a synthetic oil for your RV to increase fuel mileage. Using the recommended grade of oil will not only increase your RV fuel mileage, but will also save money.

If you are not using your dash air conditioner, turn it off. It will help improve gas mileage and lessen the stress on your engine.

Lastly, turn on your RV GPS Units when traveling to avoid getting lost especially if you are not familiar with the place that you are going to. If you don’t have a mount, reading this article will help.

These are just a simple tips that can save you a big sum of money and keep you driving safe as well.

Frozen yogurt – the best dessert

It’s never too late to explore the many health benefits that eating yogurt can give you. Produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk, yogurt has calcium that builds bones and protein that boosts power. It can help with weight loss and immunity. Whether you eat plain frozen yogurt, Greek yogurt, soy or organic yogurt, you will see instant results. Thanks to the cosmopolitan nature of this healthy snack, yogurt can be eaten for breakfast, dinner and of course, dessert. It can easily become your favorite cultured ingredient in sweets!

You can make some sweet and spicy yogurt that will also serve as a fantastic dip for fresh fruit. This recipe is based on an Indian dish called shrikhand. Strain the yogurt either for a shorter time to achieve a thin consistency or for a longer time to make a thick consistency as a way of controlling the thickness. Making your own yogurt using a yogurt maker is still the best option instead of having to buy commercial yogurt. It will save you money and you always know what ingredients go into the yogurt.

For this recipe, you will only need some whole-milk Greek yogurt, whole milk, saffron, sugar, ground cardamom, ground cinnamon, freshly ground nutmeg and some toasted and chopped pistachios for texture or crunch. Use a large piece of cheesecloth to line a sieve. Set the lined sieve over a large bowl and pour yogurt into it. Fold the excess cheesecloth over the yogurt and weigh it down with a plate. Refrigerate the set up for three hours, or for a longer time to get a thicker result, refrigerate overnight. After refrigeration, take the plate off, then lift the cheesecloth from the sieve and transfer the yogurt to another large bowl.

Pour some milk into a microwaveable container and heat it in the microwave oven till hot, which will take about 15 to 30 seconds. Take the warmed milk out and sprinkle some saffron thread over it, stir and allow to sit, waiting for the saffron to soften and the milk to achieve a golden hue. This will take around 5 minutes. Meanwhile, you can wash the fruit you’d like to dip into the final product, if any.

Add some sugar to the yogurt and whisk rapidly for 5 minutes or until the sugar starts to get dissolved. To this mixture, whisk in the saffron milk, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. Serve in small bowls and garnish with the pistachios. Like mentioned before, you can eat this alone or use it as a unique and creamy dip for your favorite fruits.

Excellent quesadilla recipe

If you’ve got leftover corned beef, you can go the traditional way and make a fantastic reuben sandwich out of it. But if you own a top rated quesadilla maker just like what I have, you’d be thinking that a quesadilla is such a more exceptional, mouthwatering prospect. Fortunately, I always keep a spare package of tortillas in my cupboard for just such instances when I need a quick food item to dine on without having to fry, saute or wait for an hour before I get to feed myself. This fantastic quesadilla/ reuben sandwich recipe lets me save that leftover corned beef from becoming part of the garbage and instead, serving as a delicious dinner option for when opening another package of microwaveable dinner is just not palatable enough for me.

Transforming a simple Reuben sandwich recipe to a quesadilla recipe is easy. This even works best with some rye tortillas, but flour tortillas will do just fine. Since I am basically a sandwich-and-quesadilla type of person, I always like having sauerkraut around too, so that isn’t a problem. I wouldn’t want a soggy quesadilla here, so I saute the sauerkraut first before using it in this recipe. I honestly can’t see myself eating something cold, and I really love a nice and thick quesadilla, so I make sure to warm the corned beef up a bit so the center won’t be cold. This recipe always gives me a fantastic quesadilla every time. The tortillas only need to be lightly toasted to ensure they can work just as well as regular bread to hold the amazing flavor combination of a typical Reuben sandwich.

Oh, and I do keep plenty of swiss cheese nearby for sprinkling into every quesadilla, so it can really melt beautifully and come exceptionally gooey, stringy and great! This recipe needs some corned beef, sauteed sauerkraut, lots and lots of melted swiss cheese plus thousand islands dressing or russian dressing for that extra tangy kick to the quesadilla.

I spray the quesadilla maker with some spray-on butter, but spray-on oil will do just as nicely. I put one tortilla into the cooking surface. Then, on the tortilla, I layer cheese, corned beef, sauteed sauerkraut, thousand islands or russian dressing plus some more cheese. I cover everything with another tortilla, close the lid and cook the quesadilla. Thankfully, my quesadilla maker is always able to produce that golden brown, perfect texture that I love. I cut the cooked quesadilla into equal -sized pieces. How’s that for some fantastic Mexican-American fusion recipe?